Antonio Moretti Cuseri, a wine enthusiast and cultivator of beauty, was drawn to this area considered a virtual genius loci. He decided to leave his mark here too, creating a wine that perfectly reflected the excellence of the Bolgheri growing area. In October 2004, he was driving back from Montalcino, when he had an epiphany. After travelling through a long stretch of dense fog hovering over the landscape, he was suddenly surprised by the light of the sun. A special light that instantly burned off the fog. He ended up on the Maremma road that would lead him to Bolgheri. A paradise. And he had no doubts about the investment either.



The Moretti Cuseri family, today in its third generation, made its way to Bolgheri in 2004, captivated by the beauty of the area and determined to embrace the strength of such a special wine production area.
Their enthusiasm for Bordeaux blends began at the historic family estate Tenuta Sette Ponti in Castiglion Fibocchi with Oreno, an icon in the world of wine. The family decided to take this love of Cabernet and Merlot to the Tuscan coast, another fascinating and highly suitable winegrowing area with enormous potential. It was an adventure Antonio Moretti Cuseri decided to take on with sons Alberto and Amedeo.



Orma is located on the Bolgherese Provincial Road, a Wine Road, just a short distance from the most historic vineyards in the area. The heart of the Bolgheri DOC appellation, with Ornellaia on the right and Sassicaia to the left. It is indeed the area most suited to vine cultivation: north of Via Bolgherese, where rocky, clay-rich soils prevail over the sandier soils found nearer to the sea.

The area enjoys a favorable combination of climate, soil, and grape varieties, which make it an “ecological-climatic niche.”


The family adores the Mediterranean climate and nature in its most unspoiled state. Bolgheri is a wide-open view of a corner of Tuscany that combines the sea with the wilds, an ideal place to produce wine. A place that leaves you as speechless as the wines produced there.